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RadioPlayer one of the UK’s best kept secrets?

Perhaps one of the UK’s best kept secrets has been RadioPlayer, an online radio service that connects commercial and public radio across local, regional and national stations.

UK RadioPlayer

Yes (you heard right) you can listen to any radio station you like online these days, and don’t have to be in the local FM area. Perhaps best illustrated by a conversation we had recently with a friend who has a property overseas with a good Internet connection. He explained how he missed listening to his favorite radio stations when out of the country and felt a little disconnected from UK life, yet he hadn’t heard of RadioPlayer.

Making the connection

We enjoy listening to all our favourite stations in the office, but perhaps it’s just so alien at this stage (to use a computer to listen to the radio) as to why so many people don’t make the connection. Use of RadioPlayer is growing, especially with the release of the Mobile App.